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Snail Girl Jobs Are The Newest TikTok Trend Here’s What That Means

I think it's safe to say the pandemic changed a lot of things in the workplace culture. Working from home or at least a hybrid schedule became more prevalent. A lot of people also had a revelation of such that companies don't really care about their employees. Everyone is replaceable when it comes to workers. Pre 2020 there was such an emphasis on things like "Girl Boss" and climbing the corporate ladder. But now, in this new world, many people are taking a new approach. It's not so much about moving up in a career but making the most amount of money for the least amount of work. This is the basis behind the trend that is becoming the talk of TikTok- snail girl jobs. Some may call that laziness but I think a lot of people would call it boundaries and protecting your mental health. Our friends at Workamajig took a look at what's behind this trend and shared their research with us. So the first question is of course, what exactly is a snail girl job? It's a role that allows you to let go "of your inner girl boss".  This allows you to slow down and go at your own pace, hence the snail term. Typical snail girl roles are remote, with no overtime, and minimum supervision. This allows for a strong work-life balance. Does this sound appealing to you? How much do these jobs pay? Asking for a friend of course. Here are the most popular snail girl jobs according to TikTok and shared with us by Workamajig. TikTok’s Top 10 Most Popular ‘Snail Girl’ Jobs Rank ‘Snail Girl’ Job TikTok’s Total Search Volume Average Yearly Trend on TikTok 1 Data Analyst 2,192,090 +23% 2 Accountant 1,771,390 +16% 3 Receptionist 1,214,110 -4% 4 Customer Support 391,360 +28% 5 Digital Assistant 380,630 +1% 6 Cloud Engineer 231,880 +21% 7 Freelance Writer 152,980 -3% 8 Research Analyst 124,530 +20% 9 Translator 99,220 +13% 10 Executive Assistant 67,130 +14% The hashtag "snailgirljobs" has over 2 million views and climbing on TikTok so it's safe to bet this trend is here to stay. And I'm here for it. Life is too short to waste it. Hopefully, the American economy and employers will take note of this trend and adjust accordingly. It's not laziness, it's wanting to make the most out of your time, and honestly who doesn't want that? You can read more from Workamajig on this study here. [select-listicle listicle_id="464348" syndication_name="north-carolina-employers-here-is-what-your-employees-actually-want" description="yes"]

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