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8 Of The Best Bridges On The Tortured Poets Department That Will Rip Your Heart Out

2 months after the release of Taylor Swift's 12th (how has time flown that much) studio album, I finally feel like I've processed it. I have my favorites, I've over analyzed the lyrics, and seen many of the tracks performed live (through a TikTok livestream but still). So now I finally feel like I can determine the best Tortured Poets Department bridges. It's been 18 years since the music world was formally introduced to a 16-year-old country singer-songwriter named Taylor Swift. And from that young age, it was Swift's songwriting ability that garnered her respect in the industry. And adoring fans. There is simply no room for debate when it comes to the fact that Taylor Swift is an incredible songwriter. She has an innate ability to write not only intricate lyrics but catchy hooks. And of course, there is her unparalleled ability to relate to her audience. Whether on “Teardrops On My Guitar”, a track from her 2006 debut album, or a song off her latest release The Tortured Poets Department. While Taylor's talent for songwriting was clearly evident from the early days, she has continued to show masterful growth in her songwriting. She takes great pride in perfecting her craft, and that she has done. Throughout the years though, and one of the things Taylor does better than anyone? Writing a bridge. In my opinion, bridges are where she shines the brightest lyrically. What Is A “Bridge?” You may be asking "What exactly is the bridge of a song?". Essentially it connects two sections of the song (i.e. a verse and chorus) but follows a slightly different structure. In terms of Taylor Swift her bridges typically fall after the second chorus. A bridge often features a different tempo than the rest of the song and helps tell the story. And as one of, if not the, greatest songwriters of our generation storytelling is at the heart of every Taylor Swift track.  If you are any sort of Taylor fan you can probably rattle off your favorite right bridge right now. Taylor can truly do it all when it comes to songwriting- from catchy pop hits like “Shake It Off” and “Anti Hero” to lyrical masterpieces that rip your heart out. There are countless examples of this throughout her now 18+ year career, and she only gets better as time progresses. This is evidenced by the Tortured Poets Department bridges. It was hard to narrow down the best of the best on this masterful piece of work. These are in no particular order, simply the way they came into my head. Enjoy, and if you have these stuck in your head all day, it’s just another example of her genius. You can read the full list pre-TTPD of her 13 best bridges here! 8 Best Tortured Poets Department Bridges

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