Your Odds Of “Going Pro” If You’re From North Carolina

Most young kids at least give a sport or two a try. Many also grow up dreaming of playing professional sports. I'm reminded on the NCAA commercials that often air during college athletics that says "almost all of us will go pro in something other than sports". The NCAA estimates that only about 1-2% of college athletes go on to play professional sports. On any given year there are over 500,000 college athletes in the US. I took the liberty of doing that math for you- it comes out to around 10,000 individuals per year. So what are your odds of making it pro in the major sports if you're born in North Carolina? Our friends at conducted research on the "Odds of Going Pro" in a range of sports such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. The looked at these odds for the residents of every state in America and shared with us the results for North Carolina. The odds for created by comparing the total number of current pros that there are from each state to the respective 2023 male birth rate. The research revealed that in North Carolina, the odds of going pro in the analyzed sports are as follows: [gallery size="full" ids="401390,401387,401384,401381,401378,401375,401372,401369,401366,"] You can read more from here.

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