Black History Month

Parents Upset After Racist Cards Were Passed Out To Black Students

Parents are demanding answers after a group of sixth graders passed out handmade cards to Black students, with racist remarks on them. The cards had racist messages such as "To my favorite cotton picker" and “You’re my favorite monkey."  One child even received a card of a Black person hanging from a tree.  The school says the children will be disciplined and released a statement saying, "Although students may not understand the deep meaning of their words and actions, it is vital to emphasize that hate speech, discriminatory behavior and racial slurs have no place at Pepper Tree Elementary.” Hundreds are parents attended the school board meeting to discuss the incident.  One parent asked why it took so long for the school to respond, "Your statement didn't come out until this was presented to the media, it has been over two weeks."  The school board and superintendent did apologize but parents say that is not enough and their children are still experiencing racism from their classmates.  

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