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South Carolina’s Best Cheeseburger Is This One Where Customers Need To Bring Cash

There's pretty much no food more "American" than the good old-fashioned cheeseburger.  And, according to Yelp's latest offering, South Carolina's best cheeseburger is Hamburger Joe's in North Myrtle Beach.  I heard about this one for years.  And, after going to Myrtle Beach for more than a decade every summer I finally tried it this year. Hamburger Joe's is one of those North Myrtle Beach spots that visitors and locals alike hold in high esteem.  It's unassuming from the outside.  But, pick any night they're open and the lot is packed.  We visited this past summer with a group of friends.  And, luckily a part of our party was staying close to Hamburger Joe's.  So, they offered to go ahead of us and secure our names on the waitlist.  And, the wait was lengthy.  But, we spent the time chatting, and it wasn't so bad. One of the first things you learn visiting the North Myrtle Beach location of Hamburger Joe's is the cash only rule.  It says it on the door, as well as the website.  And, in case you forget, you notice an ATM right inside.  Then, the next thing you notice is the simplicity of the menu.  I learned watching numerous hours of Food Network that some of the best restaurants have the most simple menus.  Pick what you do and do it well. And, that's what Hamburger Joe's does.  It's hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, grilled or fried chicken sandwiches, fried bologna, BBQ, grilled cheese, or BLT.  Plus, they offer BBQ plates, hamburger steak, and basic sides.  By the way, their onion rings are fantastic.  I ordered a simple cheeseburger.  And, it took me back to the ones from my childhood. So, it's not surprising when Yelp named the best cheeseburger spots in each state, they picked Hamburger Joe's in North Myrtle Beach when it came to South Carolina's choice.  The original opened in 1989.  There is a 2nd location in Surfside Beach owned and operated by Tony Cherney and family.  And, that location accepts credit card payment.  To learn more about the best spots around the country, see Yelp's full list.  And, learn more about Hamburger Joe's on their website. [select-listicle listicle_id="361188" syndication_name="the-15-best-burgers-in-charlotte-north-carolina" description="yes"]

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