Travis Kelce Says NFL Is “Over Doing It” With Taylor Swift Coverage

You read that title right. Travis Kelce recently spoke on his podcast, "New Heights" and basically says the NFL is "overdoing it" when it comes to the Taylor Swift coverage. We have recently seen Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift as an item. At first, it seemed to be a rumor, but Travis' brother Jason Kelce said there was some truth to the rumor. He didn't necessarily say what the truth was, but that there was some. Then we saw Taylor sitting next to Travis' Mom at a game and that right there kicked the sparks. Once it was known that Taylor would be at the Jets game, the "Swifties" as they are called snatched up as many tickets as they could just to get a glimpse of the star. The NFL will and has capitalized off of it. Honestly, if I were an owner, I would be planning my own Taylor Swift halftime performance because Taylor is good for business! Wouldn't you say she is? Honestly, it's also not Taylor's fault. She is a mega star that is dating or whatever she is with a well-known football star. This was bound to happen. What are your thoughts?

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