Lil Wayne Drops The New “Undisputed” Theme Song

  Lil Wayne just dropped the new "Undisputed" theme song. "Undisputed" returned to the air Monday with some new faces.  Keyshawn Johnson, Michael Irvin, and Richard Sherman joined Skip Bayless on the first episode and things became a little chaotic and Bayless had trouble speaking.  One of the highlights of the show is the brand-new theme song, “Good morning”, which was written by none other than Lil Wayne, was one of the highlights, however.  The theme song also has video and Skip makes a guest appearance.  Check out the video for "Good Morning" below. [gallery size="large" ids="389678,389675,389672,389669,389666,389645,389648,389651,389654,389657,389660,389642,389639,389636"]  

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