Listen on an Apple Device

Open the pre-installed Podcasts app.

To search for a podcast you know the name of, click “Search” in the bottom right hand corner.

To browse the catalogue, check out the “Browse” section on the bottom menu bar. Here you’ll find everything you can imagine. You can browse categories, chart toppers, topic, etc.

Once you find the podcast you want to listen to, click into it and choose an episode.  If you click “Subscribe”, you’ll get a notification when a new episode comes out.

Listen on an Android

Open your Google Podcasts or Spotify app.

Much like on an Apple device, you can search for a specific podcast title or browse the catalogue. All podcast apps have ways to browse by genres, topics, categories, recommendations, etc.

Choose what you like and subscribe to get automatic episode updates.

Listen on Our App

The NEW Power 98 app allows our audience to do more than ever! You can now download and listen to any of our podcasts or discover new ones from any of our sister stations. Here’s how:

Step 1: Download the App

Download the app on your device. If you have an iPhone, you can search for it on the App Store. If you have an Android, you can find it on Google Play.

Step 2: Listen to our Hottest Podcasts

Once you have the app opened, you’ll see some of our podcasts on your home screen as you scroll. To listen to one you like, just tap the podcast episode and BOOM, you’re listening.

From there you can read a podcast description, episode descriptions, listen to previous episodes and download episodes for offline listening stored right on the app.

But wait… there’s more! We’ve added a sweet new feature that allows you to add more podcasts YOU like right to your home screen. Let’s check that out in step 3.

Step 3: Discover More Podcasts

In the app, tap the Discover screen and you will be prompted with how to hide content from Discover, preview and add to home screen.

To start customizing your home screen with other podcasts, tap the account icon in the top-right corner to register.

After that’s completed, you can begin adding other podcasts or any content you might like by swiping right and tapping the ‘Add to Home’ button.

Voila! You just started creating your own, personal home screen. You can add as many content feeds as you like.

Step 4: Managing Podcasts on your Home Screen

Now, let’s talk about how to customize your home screen even more. If you tap and hold any content feed on your home screen you will enter an “edit” mode. From here you can remove the feed by tapping the ‘X’ next to it. You can also hold-and-drag the feed up or down to reorder your home screen. Once you’re finished, tap any area outside the selected feed to save.


You’re now a POWER user with the ability to listen, discover, remove and add any podcast you like at your fingertips. Now get out there and start discovering and listening!