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Summertime is all about warm weather and enjoying the views. And what better view is there than a beach! Although we may all want to just live on the beach permanently, not everyone can be so lucky. This means you have to go to the next best thing and that is to plan a beach vacation! Two things that just seem to fit so perfectly together and this is beach and vacation. No better way to spend some time away from work and the real world than to be laid out in the sand enjoying the view and sound of waves crashing while you sleep. But, wait. A beach vacation can be a bit costly, at least sometimes!

Planet Wire came to the rescue with 11 of the best cheap beach vacations in the world. That’s right, cheap! Enjoy a lovely beach vacation while saving your coins! Are you looking for a cheap beach destination to visit this year? Then you have come to the right place. From Mexico to Thailand, you can catch a great tan for an even better price. Choose your next destination with this list of the best cheap tropical vacations in the world.