When it comes to football and the NFL two things are true. I pull for the hometown Panthers. And I pull for teams that have anyone from my college team NC State-go pack always! It was for that reason thanks to former roommates turned NFL teammates BJ Hill and Germaine Pratt that I first began cheering for the Cincinnati Bengals. But then last year I stumbled upon something I refer to as Joe Burrow Thurst Trap TikTok. And that’s when I went from cheering for the Bengals to a Bengals fan. Seriously it’s life-changing.

I want to disclose first though that I love football for the game. At first glance, I may not look like your typical football fan, but I can promise you I know my fair share and can keep up with any man. And I will watch any and every game college, NFL it doesn’t matter. I probably can find a vested interest in any game as well whether it’s pulling for or against a team or player. But I also will not dismiss the fact that I enjoy looking at some football players. When they look as good as some do who would argue with that? For a while in Carolina, we were blessed with Luke Keuchly and Christian McCaffrey. Unfortunately, they are gone, and well the Panthers are the laughingstock of the NFL.

And while I still hope the Panthers win I can’t count on that. My number two team is with fellow Wolfpacker Russell Wilson, currently playing for the Denver Broncos. But they aren’t fairing much better than the Panthers, though they have at least won games this year. More than the Panthers can say. So as an avid football fan, I need something to be excited about. While I typically hate bandwagon fans with a passion, desperate times call for desperate measures. And I’ve jumped on two bandwagons- the Kansas City Chiefs (one thing I love more than NFL football- Taylor Swift plus offensive lineman Joe Thuney played for NC State) and I’ve fully committed to the Cincinnati Bengals.

And one thing I’ve noticed about the Bengals- it’s not just Joe Burrow. Listen I love the man and love looking at him. Photos do not do him justice but the slow-motion videos? Yes, please. And the best part? The Bengals; social media team know it and fully understand their assignment. But the more attention I’ve paid to the Bengals the more I realized it’s not just Joe Burrow. And yes one must always refer to him by both names. The Cincinnati Bengals have several very attractive players. So I present to you, 5 gorgeous reasons you should become a Cincinnati Bengals fan. Because the Panthers are seemingly going to continue to let you down. And you deserve happiness. And happiness is what the Bengals bring. So enjoy these 5 gorgeous men who play for the Cincinnati Bengals, and perhaps follow them on social media.  You’ll thank me later.

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