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Today is St. Patty’s day of course it’s a great day for drinks for some. Here are 5 green drink recipes you. have to make for St. Patty’s Day.


  • The Green Grasshopper

    If you are a person that loves drinks that are creamy, then this drink is for you. I’m not a cream person when it comes to drinks, but I think that it would be good based on this recipe. Click here for the recipe.

  • Midori Sour

    A Midori Sour was my go to drink for a long time. My other was the Amaretto Sour, but the Midori definitely takes the cake. It’s not too sweet and not too sour. It’s just right. Click here for the recipe.

  • The Godzilla Cocktail

    Passionfruit is one of my favorite fruits to eat. When I saw this cocktail, I loved the look and the ingredients. I knew then that this would be a very tasty drink. Get the recipe here.

  • The Irish Mule

    We all know St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish thing, so it’s only right to add an Irish Mule to the bunch. Copper cups aren’t too hard to find, but you can’t have a mule without a MULE. LOL. Catch the recipe here.

  • The Gojira

    I really had to research this drink recipe. Once I saw mint, I was hooked, but even more, I was hooked on the ingredients. They almost appeared to be ingredients that you really had to search for and I was right. Most can be found in either an Asian mart or an online giant like Amazon. Click here to get the recipe.