Percentage of Survivalists: 25.49%

North Carolina is home to some amazing cities and small towns. Even more amazing, are some of the names of these areas. Throughout the state, we have some of the most amazing, crazy-named towns. Some you may have heard of while others, may have you just as confused when you see it written out. Ever thought about those areas you drive through on road trips where it looks like no one lives there? Those small towns have a few people that call them home. Even more important, they call it by the proper, unusual name.

Have you ever passed an exit to an area and read the sign in confusion? It’s like you know where you are, but have no clue how to pronounce the town by the right name. WBTW gathered some of the most unusual town names in North Carolina. Test your state knowledge by seeing if you can pronounce or ever heard of these North Carolina towns? Trust me, it’s not easy. I most certainly failed the North Carolina test. Let’s see how many you know!

Source: WBTW