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Yall!  I went to my 1st country music concert and it was….AMAZING! My sister, Leslie, has been raving about this one particular country music artist for months now.  “When he comes back to Charlotte, we are going!”  So this weekend, that’s exactly what we did!  We went to see Niko Moon on his “Good Times” tour and man was it a good time!  His energy, his lyrics, his voice, his handsome face (yup ladies, he is fine and married to a baddie…Hey Anna!) his band, I mean everything about Niko screams “good time”.  Needless to say, Niko Moon definitely has a new fan in me!  Nosey Neighbors, you should check him out too!  Here are some pictures and 5 of my favorite Niko Moon songs below.

  • Niko Moon - No Sad Songs

  • Niko Moon - Paradise To Me

  • Niko Moon - Dance With Me

  • Niko Moon - Let It Ride

  • Niko Moon - She Ain't You