Drive-In Neon Sign

There is something nostalgic about drive-in restaurants, even as someone who didn’t grow up when they were plentiful. And I’m not talking about the drive-through fast-food spots. Or even Sonic (though I’m 100% a Sonic fan). You know that old-school classic drive-in: burgers, milkshakes, bbq, fries. My mouth is already watering. While many of these businesses have closed in recent years, some are still left across the country. In fact, Charlotte North Carolina has one of the best drive in restaurants in the US.

This list was compiled by Cheapism. They featured 30 drive in restaurants across the country that are still going strong. There are locations in both Carolinas, California, Illinois, and many other stations. Keep reading for the North Carolina classic that made the Cheapism Drive In Restaurants list as well as some others that are somewhat nearby!