The Walker Hayes track ‘Fancy Like’ recently went viral on TikTok. And the song, which mentions Applebee’s has been turned into an Applebee’s commercial. If you wanted any college football this weekend you saw the ad what felt like a few thousand times. And it is eliciting some strong opinions, hint not many are fans. Actually, that’s being nice- people really hate the Applebees ‘Fancy Like’ commercial. But it made for some fantastic social media content. And hey at least people are talking about Applebees.

  • The Commerical

    Get all "Fancy Like"

    Discover the date night menu inspired by Walker Hayes' hit song "Fancy Like." It's got that Bourbon Street Steak with the OREO® Shake. Fancy that.

  • The Original TikTok Video

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  • Is any publicity good publicity?

  • Anything 127 times is annoying

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