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Summer is festival season. And let’s face it, when it comes to music festivals you either love or hate them. When you think of music festivals your first thought probably goes to Coachella. Other big ones include Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, or if you’re a country fan Tortuga or Stagecoach. I’ve been to a couple of country festivals including one in South Carolina, so seeing SC on the best states for music festivals made sense to me. Music Festivals can mean long days in the heat, lots of money spent on food and drink, and perhaps the investment of hotel rooms. If you love music and being in an exciting atmosphere they can be well worth the money though.

Perhaps the best place for a festival to you is one nearby? Or maybe you’re looking to plan a trip to one of the festivals named above. Bonnaroo was on my bucketlist for a while, but now the idea of sleeping outside and not showering for days just isn’t that appealing. I’d still love to attend Tortuga right on the Florida beach. And rumors are swirling that my favorite artist Taylor Swift could be playing Coachella next year. So California may be in my future. So whether proximity, the vacation appeal, or the artists are what is drawing you to a festival. But what are the best places to attend a music festival?

Our friends over at AirportParkingReservations.com created the Ultimate Festival Guide and shared that guide with us. And as a part of that, they ranked the best (and worst) states to attend a festival. And South Carolina, well its one of the best states for music festivals. That’s something to be proud of right? It’s close to home. Plus festivals are great for the economy. Keep reading to see where they fell on this list.

  • 1. Wisconsin

    Number of Festivals: 16

    Crime Reports (2021): 21,832

    Average Rainfall: 34

    Average Temperature: 43.1

    Cost of Accommodations: 432

    Cost of Smirnoff: 12.29

    Total Ranking: 50.6

    Wisconsin probably isn’t the first place you think of when you think of music festivals. But perhaps you should! I was vaguely familiar with the fact there was a country music festival in Wisconsin but I couldn’t have named it before a little research. But low crime, and lower-than-average temperatures are some of what led to the state’s number one ranking. Some of the 16 festivals that take place in Wisconsin include Summerfest, Mile of Music, and Country Thunder Wisconsin.

  • 2. Nevada

    Number of Festivals: 14

    Crime Reports (2021): 19,298

    Average Rainfall: 10

    Average Temperature: 49.9

    Cost of Accommodations: 474

    Cost of Smirnoff: 9.49

    Total Ranking: 49.5

    I’ll be honest my first thought when I think of Nevada music festivals is one surrounded by tragedy. A tragedy I’m still trying to make sense of today. But despite that incident, Nevada still is a great place to catch a music festival. The state is home to 14 festivals including Life Is Beautiful, EDC Las Vegas, and Rock In Rio. One thing that makes a Nevada festival great? You’re in the desert so there is a good chance you won’t have to pack rain gear.

  • 3. Georgia

    Number of Festivals: 8

    Crime Reports (2021): 46,865

    Average Rainfall: 50

    Average Temperature: 64

    Cost of Accommodations: 372

    Cost of Smirnoff: 8.99

    Total Ranking: 48.8

    I am shocked Georgia doesn’t have more festivals. But even with only 8 and a higher-than-average crime number, they still ranked 3rd on this list. Low accommodations helped boost The Peach State in the rankings. (Though if you’ve ever tried to get a hotel room in downtown Atlanta when a concert is going on, I’d challenge that!). Festivals in Georgia include Midtown Music, Imagine Music Festival, and Shaky Knees Music Festival.

  • 4. Mississippi

    Number of Festivals: 2

    Crime Reports (2021): 12,841

    Average Rainfall: 56

    Average Temperature: 63

    Cost of Accommodations: 422

    Cost of Smirnoff: 11.99

    Total Ranking: 47.1

    I guess math allows a state that only has 2 festivals to rank 4th. While it’s not best for the accessibility of festivals, the ones they have are great to attend.

  • 5. Kentucky

    Number of Festivals: 6

    Crime Reports (2021): 15,159

    Average Rainfall: 47

    Average Temperature: 56

    Cost of Accommodations: 372

    Cost of Smirnoff: 10.49

    Total Ranking: 47.0

    Kentucky festivals include Bourbon & Beyond, Louder Than Life, and ROMP. You’ll find decently priced accommodations, low crime, and affordable drinks. Not a bad combination. Plus I’m sure you can get some great bourbon at all these festivals!

  • 6. New Mexico

    Number of Festivals: 2

    Crime Reports (2021): 22,077

    Average Rainfall: 14

    Average Temperature: 53

    Cost of Accommodations: 438

    Cost of Smirnoff: 11.49

    Total Ranking: 46.2

    The desert location is what boasts New Mexico this high on the list. While it isn’t home to many music festivals now, perhaps it should be. Any festival promoters out there reading this, here’s your next festival location. They have a need and the weather. Just perhaps a spring or fall festival would be best!

  • 7. Maryland

    Number of Festivals: 12

    Crime Reports (2021): 27,435

    Average Rainfall: 44

    Average Temperature: 54.2

    Cost of Accommodations: 393

    Cost of Smirnoff: 9.99

    Total Ranking: 45.3

    I’ve actually been to an outdoor concert in Maryland and it was very pleasant even in July. Festival producers love it, as Maryland is home to the Moonrise Festival, Hot August Music Festival, and Maryland Deathfest among others.

  • 8. South Carolina

    Number of Festivals: 4

    Crime Reports (2021): 33,133

    Average Rainfall: 48

    Average Temperature: 62.4

    Cost of Accommodations: 248

    Cost of Smirnoff: 11.99

    Total Ranking: 45

    I’ve actually been to the Carolina Country Music Festival in Myrtle Beach numerous times. It’s a fun time and a beachfront festival is the perfect way to experience live music. So seeing South Carolina on this list, well it wasn’t a surprise to me.

  • 9. Florida

    FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - APRIL 16: Sam Hunt performs onstage during Tortuga Music Festival on April 16, 2016 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

    (Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images)

    Number of Festivals: 36

    Crime Reports (2021): 86,907

    Average Rainfall: 54

    Average Temperature: 71

    Cost of Accommodations: 546

    Cost of Smirnoff: 10.99

    Total Ranking: 45

    With one of the largest number of music festivals, why is Florida ranked only 9th? High numbers of crime, rainfall, and the high cost of accommodations are mainly to blame. Florida is home to festivals such as Tortuga, Ulta, and the Gasparilla Music Festival.

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