3D rendering of a fantasy creature yeti isolated on white background

I would love to see a Mythical creature. There’s nothing better than a bit of mystery. Many people around the world speculate about the existence of mythical creatures and hope to catch a glimpse of them in the distance or stare for hours at an image to determine if it’s real or fake. You want to see one of these fabled creatures in person, but where should you go?

The Next Vacation took creature hunting to a whole new level. According to their research, mythical creatures have been spotted all over the world. With this information, the travel experts at Next Vacay reveal the top spots on Earth for a mythical vacation. These are the best spots on Earth for a Mythical Vacation.

Some fun facts about the study, Americans are intrigued the most by wendigos—evil spirits that possess human beings. Wendigo-related search terms are looked up 909.6K times per month on average. In the United Kingdom all people want is to see a unicorn. The searching for the elusive creature an average of 350.3K times a month. And finally, in Canada, everyone wants to see the Yeti. in Canada searching is an average of 271.6K times per month for yeti-related terms. Enjoy your adventure.

  • To see a Yeti, head to Nepal

    Yetis are notoriously elusive and have only been spotted three times in history. The first sighting happened in 1921 on Mount Everest when sherpas spotted mysterious footprints they believed were those of a ‘wild man of the snows’. The yeti might still exist since these footprints were found by a mountaineering team near Makalu Base Camp in 2019. It’ll take some climbing to get high enough to see him, but it’s worth a shot.

  • Unicorns are in Scotland

    Supposed unicorn bones were found in 1872 in a cave in Germany, where the myth of unicorns has its roots. The cave became known as Unicorn Cave. In 2014, an anonymous man in Scotland saw what he described as ‘basically a horse with a horn’. That sounds about right. Unicorns are the national animal of Scotland, so it seems only fitting that they would be spotted here if they were going to be spotted anywhere. Discover whether or not the Castle of Old Wick exists by exploring the area around it.

  • Zimbabwe You Might See A Mermaid

    Six sightings of mermaids have been recorded throughout history. Christopher Columbus reported seeing manatees in 1943, but since then there have been numerous other sightings. In Zimbabwe, mermaids prevented dam workers from completing repairs in 2012, according to reports. You might be able to find mermaids in Zimbabwe if seeing them is on your bucket list.

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