It would be great if I could get a bike! I just rode my brother’s bike around town with my brother in NJ. I had a blast. Despite rising gas prices, cycling has surged in popularity, but which U.S. cities are best for cyclists?

I would love to get a bike here in North Carolina. We are blessed to have so many amazing greenways and parks to enjoy a bike ride. LawnStarter ranked the U.S.’s Best Biking Cities for 2022 on June 3 in celebration of World Bicycle Day. The 200 largest U.S. cities were compared based on 24 key indicators of a cyclist-friendly lifestyle.

It took into account access to bike lanes and rental bikes, the share of commuters who bike, the presence of cycling clubs, and the number of bicycle races and tours. Here are the best North Carolina cities for biking. We included all of them from worst to best. We have also included some nearby cities for two-wheelers.

These rankings are out of 200 cities total:

  • 197. Murfreesboro, TN

  • 194. Hollywood, FL

  • 193. Chesapeake, VA

  • 171. Augusta, GA

  • 169. Fayetteville, NC

    These North Carolina Cities are the Best Places to Ride Your Bike

  • 150. Columbus, GA

  • 147. Cary, NC

  • 107. Memphis, TN

  • 105. Chattanooga, TN

  • 100. Savannah, GA

  • 89. Macon, GA

  • 72. Greensboro, NC

  • 71. Winston-Salem, NC

  • 60. Raleigh, NC

  • 44. Atlanta, GA

  • 34. Charlotte, NC

  • 30. Durham, NC

  • 1. San Francisco, CA

    You might wonder why a city defined by its steep hills could be the best city for avid cyclists, but it’s those challenging inclines that help bikers develop strong endurance — and legs. That and San Francisco simply has a lot going for it: The city coasted through just about every category but owes its win, particularly to Access and Climate. San Francisco swept four out of six Access metrics, and among our best 10 cycling cities, only the Golden City managed to rank in the top 25% in Climate. Weather matters when you’re out in bike shorts — that’s how otherwise great biking cities lost the race again to San Francisco in our ranking.

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