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About Nights with Nika Ya Luv & B Notes

Enjoy your nightly drive with Nights with Nika Ya Luv and B Notes on Power 98! We’ll make your commute back from staying late at work, picking up the kids or just on that drive back from the night out even hotter with our hot new Hip-hop and R&B.

About B Notes B: It's your homie from the country O'Brien Notes, South Carolina native of Newberry, SC until 2006, where I made the Queen City my home. I started working in radio on July 4, 2014, and it's been one of my life's greatest accomplishments. I appreciate all the one before me to make this happen and the ones who help me get here. B Notes likes watching Martin episodes, Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Arts), hanging out with my wife, and enjoying life. His favorite artists?Marvin Gaye, The Temptation, Micheal Jackson, T-Pain, and Trey Songs.

About Nika Ya Luv: She developed a love for media at an early age, with music as her passion. Nika first began her career in media her senior year in high school, where she did a job shadow/internship with a local radio station. Matriculating through her college career, she fulfilled the standards of multimedia, writing and reporting news, creating news packages, directing and producing news shows, anchoring as well as radio programming and on-air work. With a love for sports, entertainment, and music, she steered away from the news, continuing to master her craft with radio.

Nika comes to BBGI Charlotte from WZFX in Fayetteville where she fulfilled duties as an on-air personality and music programming/promotions assistant. Alongside nights on Power, she works as a music designer with Mood Media where she programs music for retail. She enjoys traveling, concert hopping, and volunteering in the community. Fall in LUV with Nika at Night on Power 98.