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Power 98’s Part Timers & DJ’s


Power 98 is always Charlotte’s plug for new hip-hop and R&B, and you better believe we have the best DJ’s and part-time staff in the business!

Check out our lineups of mix shows as well as when your favorite jock is on-air over the weekend!

DJ Buttafingaz

Danville area raised, Dj Buttafingaz; a former high school football player turned DJ, is about having fun, creating a story with his mixes and taking you on a journey. Known for his 5’Oclock Trafficking Mix and 7 O’clock – State of the Emergency Mix on Power 98, he keeps your head nodding from the first selection to the last eclectic beat. At the age of 18, he followed his love of music and picked up the turntables. Inspired by greats like Jam Master Jay, Funk Master Flex and local DJ’s –DJ Polo & DJ K-Nice, he developed his skill to stand above the rest. His style is both diversified and fresh. Currently inspired by gospel music, he has developed a different approach to dj-ing through his thinking, blends and music selection. Dj Buttafingaz, though active in his ideal career, plans on making his brand with diverse mixes intercontinental, while continuing to work with his artists. Although, hip hop is in a “state of emergency”, he recognizes the changes in hip hop and the preference of original music returning to the airwaves. With several events and projects in the upcoming months- one can look forward to experiencing more music blends from Dj Buttafingaz because “It’s Like Butta Baby”.  Instagram: @buttafingaz704 and Twitter: @Buttafingaz704