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ThriftCon Is Coming To Charlotte And You Can Score Before The Holidays

If you're a shopper and are all about finding deals, this event is for you! Giant traveling market ThriftCon is hitting Charlotte for one day and you can score some serious deals before the holidays. According to WCNC, ThriftCon is happening December 3 at The Park Expo and Conference Center. The event has over 150 vendors and you can dig through racks, piles, and bins for all types of clothing. Looking at the event's website, ThriftCon is the 'nation's premier vintage clothing and collectible sale'. You'll be able to look for vintage clothing from the 1970's to the 2000's. It's kind of like a clothing flea market of sorts. The website says that vendors attending the event pick out perfect pieces for the event, some are collectible. That said, you won't be paying thrift store prices at all the vendor's booths. That said, there are lots of affordable pieces to buy if you're up for the challenge of looking. As cool as I think this is, and as much as I dig vintage clothing pieces, I think my anxiety would peak at an event like this. LOL! I don't even do well searching for things at TJ Maxx. I just don't have the patience. Loving The Idea Behind The Event Despite my lack of patience in searching for the perfect piece of clothing, I do appreciate the idea behind the event. Encouraging more sustainable ways to enjoy fashion is great for the environment! And wearing some classic pieces from other decades helps to re-invent styles. What's the saying: Everything old is new again! Charlotte's event is one day only and is considered a "buy/sell/trade" event. This means attendees can bring in one bag per person with items they want to try and sell or trade for other items. Of course, you don't have to sell or trade items, you can just go shopping for things. If you have someone on your holiday list that loves vintage clothing, this will be a great place to shop for them. If you're interested in going, general admission tickets for entry at 10 a.m. are $12 plus fees if you are buying them online. You can get tickets at the door for $20. If you're like me, and get anxious in a big crowd, they do have early admission tickets for a 9 a.m. entry for $30 plus fees online. Kids under 13 can get in for free. Read more about the event and snag more info here. Looks pretty cool! Check out the pictures from events in other cities to check out what to expect. [embed][/embed] [select-listicle listicle_id="380618" syndication_name="7-amazing-charlotte-thrift-store-finds" description="yes"]

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