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The #1 French Bakery in North Carolina is in Charlotte

Looking for a goof French bakery in North Carolina? Imagine the smell of freshly brewed coffee and fruit tarts that would make you question if you are truly in North Carolina. Who doesn't love a good sweet treat? Experience: I am a lover of all things elegant and if that includes my food, even better! Besides, the occasional gas station coffee and boxed pantries from my local bulk food retailer, nothing sounds better than being surrounded by a cultural surge of food and art reminiscent of a French boardwalk. You can experience all of this in North Carolina. Atmosphere: When you walk into Amélie’s French Bakery in the heart of Uptown Charlotte, you are greeted with a giant "bonjour" above the pastry counter which is a French welcome that means "good day" and it truly will be a good day once you taste the delightful treasures this café has to offer. This is one of the best French bakeries in North Carolina. What to Try at this French Bakery: When I asked the staff what I should try, the very first recommendation was the salted caramel brownie. This brownie is layered in a soft thin caramel topping, I was looking forward to the first bite and I wasn't disappointed. I also tried their signature French macarons and what flavorful treat, these colorful cookie-based pastries are perfect for events and small group office meetings. It was my first time trying French macarons and I will definitely be back for more. Check out their full menu offerings by here  [caption id="attachment_485408" align="aligncenter" width="640"] baked goods from Amélie’s French Bakery[/caption]  

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