VIDEO: Watch Kountry Wayne's Freestyle with Power 98

Ready for some laughs? Well, we got a real treat for you as Comedian Kountry Wayne stopped by the Morning Maddhouse today to promote his show at the Comedy Zone this weekend. And guess what? He dropped some killer bars over an instrumental and well, we'll just let you watch and enjoy the rest!

Have You Heard of Comedians "Chop and Steele"?

First appearing on the Western Wisconsin news, the fitness gurus Chop and Steele, have been making their rounds on the internet. The duo market themselves as professional strongmen and would demonstrate by lifting milk jugs, stomping on wicker baskets, and chopping tiny sticks.

Funniest Couples in Entertainment

Some people say that laughter is the key to any successful relationship. Clearly, with these celebrity couples, their comedic abilities have been a great addition to their careers.