Apple is at it again with their patent process, and whether it sees the light of day or not is the question. 

According to CNN Money, Samsung has already revealed a high-end flip phone with a foldable screen in China, so it’s sure to be expected that Apple would try to follow suit.

CNN shares “The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office recently published an Apple patent application for ‘an electronic device [that] may have a flexible portion that allows [it] to be folded.'”

Flip phones were super popular back in the 2000’s, and it was sort of a status symbol to own one. I mean, Motorola Razr’s were practically one of the most important fashion statements you could make. So bringing that technology back, but extremely updated to still use as a smartphone would be pretty interesting – especially if that meant you couldn’t butt dial anyone because your screen would be folded inside the phone.

Time will tell what Apple chooses to do but if they are able to execute the folding screen, then they may be able to move it to other products as well, like folding an iPad in half.


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