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Jordan Peele Releases Trailer for 'The Twilight Zone'

Academy Award-winning director Jordan Peele is reviving The Twilight Zone, and has just released the trailer for the first season. 

The Twilight Zone - Official Trailer | CBS All Access

Witness the re-imagining of the most iconic series of all time. Hosted by Academy Award® winner Jordan Peele, The Twilight Zone premieres April 1, exclusively on CBS All Access. © 2019 CBS Interactive, Inc.

The anthology series, which originally aired from 1959-1964 is being rebooted. It's expected that, like the original, each episode will be self-contained and have its own cast. Sanaa Lathan, Tracy Morgan, Jessica Williams, Adam Scott, and John Cho, among others, will appear in the series, which will begin streaming on Apr. 1.

Peele has also directed Get Out and the series Big Mouth.

The director, producer, and actor turned 40-years-old yesterday and received a myriad of birthday wishes on Twitter, as well as excitement about The Twilight Zone.

Alec Behan on Twitter

Happy 40th Birthday to Jordan Peele! The director of Get Out, the upcoming Us, and the actor who played various characters in Key and Peele and voiced Beta Wolf in Storks, Melvin in Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, and will voice Bunny in Toy Story 4. #JordanPeele

Gehenna & Hinnom on Twitter

We. Can't. Freaking. Wait. #TwilightZone #JordanPeele

Cornelius White on Twitter

@TheTwilightZone @JordanPeele @CBSAllAccess I dont know if my mind can contain #TheTwilightZone in the hands of #JordanPeele. LOL ????

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