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Self watering bottle By:We heart It

I love the smell of fresh flowers and herbs. It is the earth’s way of saying “Have a great day!” If you don’t have a green-thumb and normally stick with the fake plants, have I got a DIY for you!!!! The hardest part of keeping a real plant alive in remembering to water it consistently.

Well, this takes that and throws it out the window! No, I am not talking about those glass bulbs that you fill with water and jam into the dirt. This one is way cooler, plus you can recycle AND add some nice freshness to your home!

For your DIY Self-Watering Plant Starter, all you need are a few materials:

  • Scissors
  • Some soil
  • Seeds of a plant
  • Empty plastic bottle
  • Water

You start by cleaning out the plastic bottle and then cut it in half. Fill the bottom half, halfway with water. After that, you flip the top half upside down into the bottom half, like this, please ignore my sad attempt at digitally drawing this.

Once you have the bottles you desire, add soil and your seeds or plant as the package directs. I would suggest watering the soil after you finish to get things started, but after that, you are good to go!

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