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XXL is reporting that Snoop Dogg reached out to Donald Trump to get Death Row co-founder Michael “Harry O” Harris pardoned, and his work paid off.

The outlet states that Harris was in prison after being convicted of attempted murder and cocaine trafficking 30 plus years ago, and was supposed to be released from prison in 2028. Now, he is set to be released, or may have already been released.

Back in the early ’90s, Harris helped found Death Row Records by giving Suge Knight seed money to form the label. As most know, Snoop was signed to Death Row at the beginning of his career.

Former music producer Weldon Angelos, who was also recently pardoned by Trump, announced the news on Instagram. He wrote, “Happy to announced that me& Snoop Dogg & Alice Johnson were able to get President Trump to free Michael “Harry O” Harris.”

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