If you’ve been on a spring cleaning tear in your home and have a pile of things you’re thinking about donating, you may need to sort through it before packing it in your car. That’s because not everything can be used by thrift stores.

There are plenty of places where you can take your donations, including Salvation Army Family Store, Habitat Re-Store, and Goodwill, just to name a few. A group of Goodwill workers shared some tips for donating with Today. For example, clothing, shoes, jewelry, and antiques in good condition are all great. Chipped glassware, broken or stained furniture, and hazardous chemicals are not. Here are some more things to know before donating to a thrift store:

  • If you wouldn’t give an item to a friend, you shouldn’t donate it
  • Men’s clothing is in high demand
  • Good quality housewares are always welcome
  • Anything broken, stained, or not in good shape should go in the trash
  • Check with your local thrift store to see what they need most

You can see a more detailed list of items you should and should not donate HERE.

Thrift shop sign

Helen’s Photos/Shutterstock

Written by Phil Harris