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Yes, it’s time to map out a fitness plan for those delicious holiday meals filled with carbs and calories. At this point in the game, everybody is eating for some joy and happiness. So let’s get our workout on. Gabrielle Guyman, Director of Personal Training at Brick Bodies program according to Fox Baltimore, has some tips to keep healthy and in shape through the end of the year.

The personal trainer appeared on Fox News to encourage people how important not only physical but mental health is and what it can do for you! She explains that you should practice these techniques for around 30 seconds or a minute to build those hallow abdominal muscles in the body. Doing multiple exercises every week will for sure allow you to see improvement over time. Ready?

Let’s start with Scarecrow Touches. For this exercise, you will need to be on one knee with your back straight and arms out wide like a Scarecrow. When balancing, you want to reach the floor while maintaining straight arms to improve your posture. Repeat for 30 seconds on one side, and another
30 seconds on the other side.

How about some Spider Mountain Climbers
Get down in a plank position with your risk matching up beneath your shoulders. You can have
your feet pulled together or, for more of a challenge, spread them apart. The next step is to bring one knee up towards your elbow and alternate side to side. Do this exercise for 30 seconds then break for a few seconds and then go nonstop for a whole minute. Do you feel the burn yet?

Next on the list is Bear Crawls
Become stable in a nice quadrant position while resting under your shoulders and knees under
your hips. For beginners, lift your knees above the ground and hold that position for 30 seconds.
If you are in for more advanced, move the opposite foot and hand then start to move forward while
not letting your back shift around. The goal is to keep that posture still while moving slightly
back and forth.

Hallow Hole
The last one for the Halloween fans out there has nice straight legs with a slight bend in the knees.
Similar to the 6 inches exercise, only you are maintaining that back and having your arms
straight out towards your feet for 30 seconds.

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