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New car sales were down more than 13% as of November 2021. Before the pandemic car dealerships could treat women however they felt. You could complain, but they could care less. It’s so bad that some of these cigar smoking, beer belly men would disrespect women so bad, that ladies would walk away in tears. What kind of mother raises such men to be disrespectful pigs? Ladies, when buying a new or used car it’s best to come with your own financing because of the chaos and stress. Can women expect the car industry to change regarding the treatment they receive? Probably not, but hopeful.

Some women are slowly getting into the car dealership business to change the narrative of how females are treated. Ladies, let’s be picky where we spend our money in 2022. Call out mistreatment by finding a compassionate heart to see your side. You can try going to the manufacturer for help, but they’re in bed with the car dealerships. If you live in North Carolina, visit the Attorney General’s Office  online and write, voice make your grievance.

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