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Kid Capri attends the world premiere of "Mixtape" at United Palace Theater on April 07, 2022 in New York City. Wiz Khalifa attends Universal Pictures Presents The Road To F9 Concert and Trailer Drop on January 31, 2020 in Miami, Florida.

While celebrating the release of his Multiverse album, Wiz Khalifa didn’t hold back while tearing apart two DJs who failed to play his new music at Los Angeles’ Poppy Night Club over the weekend.

The 34-year-old rapper was filmed yelling at DJ Mike Danger and MC Tron in front of a packed crowd. “Bitch a– n—-, if you wanna fight, n—- we can do it. Y’all n—-s suck. Don’t hug me b—–. Y’all n—-s suck. Play my new s— n—–, play it n—-, play ‘Bad A– B—–es.’ Y’all are horrible DJs. I came here tonight to promote for y’all and have a good a– time and have a great time, but you know what I’m not gonna do? I’m not gonna sit here and let these hoe a– n—-s act like this s— is acceptable. I’m a real a– n—-, dawg. My album just came out today.”

“Get out the way, I don’t like you,” Wiz then says while pushing one of the DJs aside. Later in the clip, Wiz shoves the DJ and flips his hat off from behind while standing over him while performing for the club.

Watch below:

Since the footage from the club went viral, Khalifa has received backlash for his comments – most notably from Kid Capri, who addressed the situation in an Instagram video.

“When I met you, you was a cool dude, man. That’s why I’m a little surprised why you would disrespect those DJs like that,” the Grammy-award-winning DJ said to the camera. “Those kids is young dudes, probably, you know, scared and nervous that they playing for you, happy that they’re playing for you. Probably not as professional or on point as you are, but for you to stand up there and disrespect them like that man, that was just crazy, B.”

The 55-year-old also pointed out that actions like this “minimizes what the DJ is” within the culture. “I don’t know if you was lit or drunk, or whatever the case may be, but if that was me and you spoke to me like that, I’d have swung on you right away. Immediately,” Capri said. “And we would have dealt with it however we’d have to deal with afterwards. But I wouldn’t have went for that.”

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