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The Zeus Network really has reality tv gold in the Bad Boys franchise. The show is in the middle of season two and I’m hearing Raz B got knocked out.

I have been a Zeus subscriber for a while. I’ve watched Baddies, Bobby I Love You, and now Bad Boys. The current season takes place in Dallas. The season started off wild and set the tone for the roller coaster we were about to ride.

Jonathan Wright is a star with his everything he brings to the table. He is pure entertainment. During season one, we saw from the moment Jonathan arrived, that he wouldn’t let anyone play any games with him. I understand that wholeheartedly. Jonathan was in town and when I got the call that he wanted to come through the Clubhouse, I moved the masses out of the way so my “frennnn” could come through. We played new music from Jonathan, talked about spoilers for the season, who he doesn’t know, and more. This is a great interview.