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North Carolina Says This Chocolate Candy Is The Best, Do You Agree?

Have you bought your Halloween candy yet? Are you trying to make sure you have the most popular house on the block? Decorations play a part in that, but so does your choice of candy. Obviously, if you have the budget to spring for the full-size candy bars you automatically win. But most of us can't do that or at least don't choose to. So you probably want to focus on choosing just the right candy for your treat or treaters. That's where our friends at BetCarolina come in. They conducted research on the most popular chocolate candy in each state. And the verdict is in for what North Carolina feels is the best chocolate candy. Full disclosure, and you may blacklist me at this point, I don't like chocolate. I know, I know, but I just do not like it all. Never have. So my opinion on which of these candies is the best is something I can't offer up. So you'll have to take BetCarolina's word for it: North Carolina Loves These Three Types of Chocolate Candy [gallery size="full" ids="399814,399808,399811,"] Not only is Halloween coming up but National Chocolate Day is on Oct. 28th. Who knew? To determine this BetCarolina utilized research from Statista on the most consumed chocolate candy. They then utilized Google Trends to search the level of interest in each from Oct. 1, 2022, to October 18, 2023. That data was used to determine the Top 3 chocolate candies of each state. If you're in North Carolina do you agree? Or do you prefer a different type of candy? Personally, Skittles and anything sour are my go-to candy options. Thanks to BetCarolina for sharing their research with us. You can read the full study here. [select-listicle listicle_id="458044" syndication_name="worst-trick-or-treat-handouts-for-halloween" description="yes"]

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