Video Goes Viral Of Winston-Salem Student Slapping Teacher

I have to admit I was absolutely stunned when I saw the video of a Winston-Salem student slapping a teacher. The most shocking part of the video is when the student slaps the teacher twice in the face and the teacher sits there. WXII - TV12 reports it happened at Parkland High School this week and that student is now facing charges. The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office has charged the student with two counts of misdemeanor assault on a government official and one count of communicating threats. The District Attorney's office has some harsh words for this type of behavior from students. While the D.A. would not go into specifics of the case, he did warn anyone who assaults a teacher, that justice will be "swift and mighty." WXII says D.A. Jim McNeill delivered this message during a news conference. "Today is about one thing: sending a message to the teachers out there that law enforcement and the district attorney’s office support you and care about the job you do. Nobody goes to work and expects to be assaulted." While the student is facing legal troubles, the Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools’ superintendent says he will face consequences from the school as well.  Based on the school district's Code of Character, Conduct, and Support, the student violated Level 5, but the superintendent recommends the student face the highest consequences and that's Level 6 which could mean expulsion. The school district’s Code of Character, Conduct, and Support outlines six levels of disciplinary responses based on the severity of a student’s violation. The student will have a hearing to determine the future of his educational career. As for the teacher, she declined medical treatment after the assault is has returned to work. Take a look at the viral video of the incident below and tell us what you think of this unfortunate situation.  

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