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Blueface Stabbed And Attacker Arrested In Gym Stabbing Incident

Blueface was stabbed yesterday. There was no time wasted and the attacker was arrested after stabbing the rapper at a Los Angeles gym.

Blueface was at a boxing gym in Los Angeles. From the video, it appears that at some point there was some type of altercation. Someone who could be a friend, trainer, or boxer, who knows, attempts to prevent the altercation from happening. Before I could blink, it appeared Blueface threw a punch. The attacker also appeared to have a dog with him. Before I could blink a second time, the attacker pulled out a knife. Blueface immediately announced he wouldn’t be able to fight in an event he was scheduled for on October 14th.

I’m sure some would say that this could have been staged so Blueface didn’t have to fight. I can honestly see why this could be a thought, but I don’t know. Check the video below.

Blueface: Twitter Reacts To Rapper Offering Girlfriend 100k To Leave Him

Would you leave your significant other for $100,000? Well, Blueface offered his girlfriend 100 stacks to break up and Twitter is offering up their opinion on the situation.

The offer was made to Chrisean Rock from the California-bred rapper after a video surfaced of an alleged domestic altercation on the streets of Los Angeles.

“Are you alright, dude?” an onlooker asked as Rock, who slapped the rapper, followed up by throwing a punch.

“Bro, that’s not good,” the onlooker yelled.

Chrisean and Blueface then can be seen falling to the ground and struggling over a diamond chain.

“Let me go,” Blueface yelled.

As the rapper gets up, he’s seen walking away with the chain in hand.

Blueface took to his Instagram Story Tuesday (August 2) to show how the fight ended. In the clip, he showed Rock is lying in bed and turned the camera to show his injuries from the altercation.

“She done hit me in my s—,” he said to the camera. “As you can see she’s fine.”

He then proceeded to tell Rock he wants her to leave.

“What you need to leave me the f— alone?” he asked Chrisean. “F— it. One hundred thousand.”

“You want to beat me up in public and s—, so what’s up?” he continued. “What will it take for us to end this nice and pleasant?”

“It’s not pleasant,” Chrisean replied.

She then told Blueface that she didn’t want his money and that’s when the “Thotiana” rapper called her a “whore with tattoos” and implied that she had been cheating on him.

However, Rock said there is no way she and the rapper are splitting up.

“No money in the world can make me leave you,” she wrote on her Instagram Story Tuesday (August 2). “You might as well call the psych ward to get me out this bih.”

It’s unclear where the couple stands at the moment but take a look at how Twitter is reacting to the incident:

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