eating a tasty classic burger with fries. Cheat Meal.

There are a few things that get me more excited than anything. That’s shopping and eating. Whether it’s me cooking a new meal, cooking my favorite meal, or even going to some of my favorite restaurants. One of the best things to also do is try new foods and restaurants around your area. I have moved around quite a few times in the last few years, but in every spot I lived, I went looking for restaurants. Whether it was simple stuff like American and pizza or I was trying new stuff like Tex-Mex when living in Houston, TX.

While sitting and eating my somewhat healthy lunch, I started thinking about cheeseburgers. This is somewhat ironic because I am not a fan of cheeseburgers but sometimes those burgers can really hit the spot. A juicy patty with a great slice of cheese and tons of topping options is one of those things everyone can call a great meal. Don’t even let me get started on having the perfect side item to go along with that burger.

So, while I was sitting and thinking I decided to go look up some great cheeseburgers in the state of North Carolina. Now, I know that is probably a wide range but I wanted to see how crazy some of these restaurants get. I wanted to see if I could find those hidden gems with some crazy, super tasty cheeseburger options. So, take a ride through my mind and check out 5 of the best cheeseburgers I could find in North Carolina.

  • Mama Crow’s Burger and Salad Shop

    Up first, we’re visiting a spot in Raleigh, North Carolina. Mama Crow’s is a burger joint serving up a few different burger options for one to enjoy. One of their famous and most popular burgers is their smash burger. The burger is double smashed patties with cheese curds, mushrooms, onions, goat cheese, and black mayo on fresh bread. How insane does that burger sound? You can even add bacon on to it and make it your own a little! They also have burger specials and deals you can try throughout the year.

  • Hops Burger Bar

    Now, we’re heading to Greensboro, North Carolina to check out this burger bar. Hops Burger Bar is serving up fresh burgers with some locally grown ingredients to include on it. Each week they do a different featured burger for guests to try and enjoy. The options are endless. One burger that looked great to me is the pickleback. Enjoy a burger topped with fried onion rings, bbq sauce, and bourbon marinated pickles. Like what?! I can only imagine! They don’t have a photo, but here’s a picture of another insane weekly featured burger.

  • Bang Bang Burgers

    Now, we’re right here in Charlotte. Bang Bang Burgers gives you high-quality, made-from-scratch burgers for you to enjoy. They are very well known for their burger options and the menu does not disappoint. One burger you might enjoy is the Tint Burger. This burger can be in either a single or a double and it comes with pepper jack cheese, onion strings, shaved jalapenos, and siracho mayo. Whew!

  • The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar

    Now, I am sure that sushi is not the first thing you think about when you are talking about a burger. Well, The Cowfish is one spot you might think about both because that’s what they are serving up. The have a location in both Charlotte and Raleigh to enjoy. The Charlotte menu has tons of options, but one burger that stands out is the jalapeno popper show stopper burger. This burger comes with 1/2 pound of beef, jalapeno infused cream cheese, jalapeno bacon, fried jalapenos, jalapeno citrus aioli, lettuce, tomato, and fresh jalapenos on a brioche bun. Now, talk about a beast of a burger!

  • Jack Brown's Beer & Burgers

    Head to Greenville, North Carolina (or South Carolina) to visit this spot! Jack Brown’s is a burger joint that serves 100% wagyu beef burgers putting unique twists on some of your favorite classics. One of their famous everyday classics is the Elvis burger. It’s a burger topped with peanut butter, mayo, applewood smoked bacon, and American cheese. Now, I am not sure how I feel about that peanut butter, so someone else should try it out and let me know!

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