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McDonald’s To Get New Menu Items This Month

Hearing this news peaked my interest to see what new menu items would be coming to McDonald's this month. I am sure you are interested as well, so let's get into it. I was scrolling through social media and came across a video that contained a video caption about McDonald's will allegedly getting new menu items on April 17th. The video was almost too good to be true because a chicken Big Mac is beyond wild to me, but I low-key want to try a few of these new menu items. It seems to be that this video was either made by an employee or an influencer who had access to these new menu items. New McDonald's Items The first new menu item from McDonald's that I need to get into is the Lotus Biscoff McFlurry. I absolutely love Biscoff items. Mainly the Biscoff cookies, IYKYK. If you remember the cookies passengers receive on the plane are generally the Biscoff cookie brands. That should tell you alone how delicious this just might be. There will allegedly even be a Biscoff frappe. The next item that I am looking forward to possibly trying is the cheese and herb bites. I am a sucker for a good cheese bite and I really and honestly am leaning toward wanting to try these. Now pictured in the video below is another new menu item from McDonald's the Galaxy Pie and McFlurry. Now I will say, these don't appear to me visually, but if these flavors are your cup of tea, then you may want to jump on it. These new McDonald's menu items will most likely be a big deal for the company, but they did sell me at Biscoff. What menu items are you looking forward to tasting? Maybe we should do a tasting video for TikTok at this point?

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