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Dishin’ With Debbie-Mrs. T’s Southwest Pierogy Breakfast Burritos

This edition of Dishin' With Debbie with Mrs. T's Pierogies is one of my favorite flavor combos.  I'm originally a Texas girl.  So, I love anything with a Southwest spin.  And, these Southwest Pierogy Breakfast Burritos fit the bill.  I'm amazed every time I incorporate Mrs. T's Pierogies into recipes.  They're so versatile, quick and easy to prepare and delicious. These Dishin' With Debbie, Mrs. T's Southwest Pierogy Breakfast Burritos reminded me so much of my son's favorite fast food taco restaurant's crunchy breakfast wrap.  And, that's due to the fluffy eggs, crispy bacon, cheese and Mrs. T's Onion Pierogies all bundled up in a tortilla and browned up nice and crispy. We love Mrs. T's Pierogies and the soft pillowy pasta pockets.  They're filled with fluffy whipped potatoes and and cheese along with a variety of other fillings.   In this recipe, the pierogies get a simple saute.  This takes place in the same pan as the bacon to add even more smoky flavor.  Then, top them with everything you might want on your favorite burrito.  We enjoy sour cream and salsa. I hope you enjoy this edition of Mrs. T's Dishin' With Debbie as much as we did.  And, remember to pick up a box of Mrs. T's Pierogies in the freezer section of your favorite grocery store.

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