Spring is here…so is the pollen. My favorite thing to do is clean my car. While that sounds strange in general, there is nothing better than the smell of a clean car.

TikTok is currently trending with car detailing videos. So far, over 5.7 billion views have been recorded on the platform for videos showing users how to maintain their vehicles. UK leasing company Nationwide Vehicle Contracts has revealed its top tips on how to clean your vehicle at home, as well as the mistakes to avoid this spring.

Here are 8 cleaning tips to kick dirt to the curb and get your vehicle to showroom standard. You will be driving around in style and clean as a whistle.

  • 1. Pre-Rinse Your Vehicle

    Before applying your mitt, cloth or sponge, use a pressure washer or hose to dislodge the top layer of dust, dirt, and grit. This will remove loose particles and will lower the risk of scratches.

  • 2. Clean Your Vehicle's Tires and Wheels First

    First, clean the tires with a pressure washer to prevent dirt from spraying onto your paintwork. Use a soft-bristled brush or sponge to clean after applying the degreaser or cleaning solution.

  • 3. Clean your vehicle from top to bottom

    Work from top to bottom on the paintwork where there is likely to be more dirt after your wheels are clean. Doing so will prevent dirt from being transferred to previously cleaned areas.

  • 4. Wash Your Vehicle in Straight Lines and Rinse as you go

    Washing your vehicle in straight lines as opposed to circular motions, and rinsing as you go will improve the quality of your clean and will lower the chance of soap and swirl marks.

  • 5. Use a Clean Microfibre Cloth

    Use a microfiber cloth and avoid letting your vehicle air-dry as it will increase the chance of watermarks and smears.

  • 6. Wax and Polish Your Vehicle

    Use a microfibre cloth and car polish to polish the main body of the car. Polish all glass (inside and out) with a car glass cleaning solution using a clean microfibre cloth.

  • 7. Remove Your Vehicle's Contents Before You Start to Clean the Interior

    In order to make things easier, everything should be removed from the car. Your car mats and emergency kits as well as everything in your glove box and drink holders. After that, you should vacuum the carpets, seats, back shelf, boot, dashboard, down the sides, and under the seats. Then, after cleaning the seats and carpets, the dashboard, and any plastic on the car, including the seat belt lock mechanism, you can use car shampoo with clean water. You can then dry everything with a clean microfibre cloth.

  • 8. Replace Your Vehicle's Pollen Filter, Check your Lights and Top up your Liquids

    It is a good idea to replace your pollen filter before hayfever season begins in order to improve its effectiveness. As well, make sure all of your light bulbs work and replace them if necessary, and top up your washer fluid, antifreeze, oil, and power steering fluid.

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