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This was the Conservatory course at the Puttery in South End.

This past Sunday, I finally got the chance to visit The Puttery, which is a brand new adult indoor putt-putt course in South End. They have two 9-hole courses: the conservatory and the library. We chose to do the conservatory because it has plants and looks so cute! See pictures below.

This isn’t just your average putt-putt place though. This place is more for adults than kids. I and my friend Kirra got a few drinks at the full bar located just inside the doors. And man, not only were drinks only $8 for us, but they were also very good. My favorite go-to drink is always a mojito because I’m always in the mood for one. 🙂

The drinks were so tasty, and you’re even allowed to bring them into the course. There is a little platform at every hole so you have a place to rest your drink when you’re up. It’s very convenient and easy. Plus, when we were about halfway through the course, we ended up finishing our drinks. But, no need to go back to the bar though! An employee kindly took our drink orders as we were playing and then he brought them to us so we didn’t even have to leave!

Not only is the atmosphere lively yet chill, but the decor inside the bar and courses was so beautiful! I wasn’t able to get a picture of the bar, unfortunately. But, I will say it was very nice with plants hanging all around and some pretty cool chairs!

The Puttery is located at 210 Rampart St, Charlotte, NC 28203, right near Krispy Kreme and Sycamore Brewing. 10/10 would recommend it! If you do plan on going through, make sure you plan ahead and reserve your spot on their website. Tickets are around $18/per person. Happy Putting!

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  • Me and the coolest tree chair


    This was the Conservatory course at the Puttery in South End.

  • Conservatory Course


    Look at the cactus! We loved this course because it had a ton of plants. 🙂

  • My friend Kirra playing the Conservatory Course


    My friend Kirra at Hole 4

  • The cutest mushrooms!!!


    We both absolutely LOVED the little red speckled mushrooms on the course!