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The Maddhouse is trying for a new World Record!  For the third time in the last 15 months, the record for stacking an M&M Tower has been broken.  Back in 2016, Silvio Sabba was certified as the record holder for the largest M&M Tower, stacking four on top of one another, since then three others have been able to break the record.

On April 7, Ibrahiam Sadeq just broke Guinness World Record by stacking 7 M&M’s.  The Guinness World Book of Records posted a video to their official Instagram commemorating the event. Ibrahiam said he was able to stack the M&M by, using “a mix of mind and body focus but people usually define it as a gravity-defying act.”

We here in The Maddhouse decided to give a try.  Larry said he could stack 10 M&Ms.  I said he could probably do 4 or 5.  Burpie said…. well check out the video below and see what happened with Burpie.  And check out more videos of crazy world record holders. How many M&Ms do you think you can stack?