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We may be in the season of love, but sometimes things have to come to an end as well. For whatever reason, that may be, divorce is a thing. Whether things are mutual or stressful, divorce rates can vary from situation to situation. But also, from state to state. Ever wondered if you’re in a state that has a high or low divorce rate? Well, some of these results might interest you just a little bit.

World Population Review is discussing the states with the best and worst divorce rates. As much as marriage may be common nowadays, so is divorce. Many people will go through a divorce and remarry a few more times after that. Trust me, I know a few people with multiple marriages under their belt. According to World Population Review, between 35%-50% of first-time marriages end in divorce. But, which states have a higher (and lower) divorce rate? For 2023, both states have a percentage that equals out when it comes to a divorce rate. Check out the information below and tell us what you think when it comes to North and South Carolina.

  • South Carolina

    South Carolina has a divorce rate of about 10.7% for 2023. This is in the upper portion of states leaning more towards a higher divorce rate. I know, you may not think that is pretty high but it also depends on how many people are being factored into the number of marriages as well.

  • North Carolina

    Guess what? The Carolinas are tied when it comes to their divorce rates. North Carolina also stands at 10.7%. Did you know that last year North Carolina was in the top 15 states with the highest divorce rates? Sometimes marriage just is not for everyone, but that does not mean that marriage does not work either.

  • Factors That Influence Divorce Rates

    Divorce rates can have many different factors varying from situation to situation. One of the most obvious and top ones is age. People get married so young and sometimes before they have discovered themself leading them to not be happy in a few years. The average age for couples going through their first divorce is 30 years old. Did you know that couples married between the ages of 20-25 are 60% likely to get a divorce? Couples that wait until after the age of 25 to get married actually are 24% less likely to get divorced. 

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