The Orphans Hands Podcast

The Orphans Hands Podcast

The Orphans Hands Podcast


Four words that would change Philip Cameron’s life forever.

 “There are babies dying.”

It all began when Philip walked into a foul-smelling room in a bitterly cold orphanage in Romania and saw a little boy covered in his own waste, starving, and alone. Philip picked him up and made a promise that has echoed down through time for the last quarter century: “I will come back. You are not a mistake. If you are born, God has a plan.”

Since that wintery day in 1990, a continuing miracle of love and redemption has taken place in Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine. Orphans, rescued, became sons and daughters.  Those sons and daughters became missionaries. Today they look in the eyes of other orphans now in orphanages and tell them with love, “We will be back. You are not a mistake. If you are born, God has a plan.”

For over 25 years, Philip Cameron and the Cameron Family have been changing the lives of orphans in Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine. From providing running water, flushing toilets, and clean wells to coal for heat, new windows, and food and clothing, they championed the physical needs of the orphans in these broken and desolate countries.

Through homes founded by The Orphans Hands, many of Moldova’s orphans are saved from the horrors of human trafficking. They come to know their Heavenly Father and are forever changed by the love of Jesus. Plucked from darkness and miraculously saved, these incredible young men and women return to that very darkness to minister to those who now suffer the same heartbreak they once endured.

The Orphans Hands currently has five homes helping many kids, but much more need rescued and saved! Vatra Village is the answer to the countless lives that have been lost in Moldova to the horror of human trafficking. A village of six homes that can help save up to 90 young lives and many more for years to come!

Listen to the amazing podcast here on Power 98 or visit to give a gift today to help! There are four parts to these audio podcast series.