Ready to catch this? The NFL is a multibillion-dollar sporting phenomenon, with passionate fans following the sport from all over the world. But which NFL teams are set to receive the most revenue each year from the likes of lucrative sponsorship deals and astonishing brand marketing?

A new report has forecasted each NFL team’s 2025 revenue and revealed which franchise’s revenue is set to rise the most. Analyzing revenue data from 2012-2020, has forecasted the future finances of each NFL side, to reveal which will be the wealthiest by 2025 – and which will be the bottom of the rich list. Reviewing the revenue forecasts across the NFL for 2025, it’s clear that the Dallas Cowboys are set to remain as the nation’s wealthiest football club. Ready to break through the billion-dollar barrier, the Cowboys are predicted to earn more than $1.3 billion annually within five years.

Placing last is the Las Vegas Raiders, despite an estimated annual growth of $100 million from 2020 to 2025. The combined revenue of all NFL teams in 2025 is predicted to be around $19.7 billion. Holy cow that’s a lot of money!

Impressively, the Atlanta Falcons’ rise to financial prominence is set to continue in the next five years. The team was bringing in the 26th most revenue leaguewide in 2015, but they’re expected to improve further on last year’s 14th place standing to earn the 7th most revenue ($642.95 million) across the NFL by 2025. For the full ranking and 2025 revenue estimations for all 32 NFL teams, see the table below.

Source: Bookies 

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