South Carolina residents and anyone road-tripping this weekend need to be aware. South Carolina’s new “move over” highway traffic law goes into effect on Sunday. And violations could cost drivers a fine of $25 for each infraction. The law, HB 3011 limits the use of the far left lane or the “fast lane” to those passing another vehicle. Exceptions to this include:

  • when there is no other vehicle directly behind the driver in the left lane
  • when traffic is causing a multi-lane congestion
  • when weather conditions make it safer to drive in the left lane
  • when the right lane is obstructed for any reason

Highway signs stating “Slower Traffic Move Right” have been installed every 35 miles on state highways. Additionally, the electronic messaging signs will also display the new rules. Violations will not be reported to insurance companies or count on driving records. Stopping someone for this violation is also not cause for authorities to search a vehicle. Do you support South Carolina’s new traffic law?