During the holiday season, poverty, hunger, and homelessness are top of mind, so when we take a look at the neediest cities in North Carolina, it’s important to have a little perspective.

WalletHub.com ranked 180 U.S. cities on 28 key indicators of neediness. These ranged from poverty levels, insurance rates, food insecurity, and more. The results gave a startling, if unsurprising look at where people might need the most help.

Here in North Carolina, among the cities ranked by WalletHub, Fayetteville came in as the neediest – No. 66 overall in the country. That was just below Phoenix, Az. and just above Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Fayetteville ranked fourth in the country in the highest food insecurity rate, right alongside several other military communities.

Here’s how all the cities in North Carolina ranked:

  • Fayetteville – 66
  • Greensboro – 81
  • Winston-Salem – 91
  • Charlotte – 137
  • Durham – 143
  • Raleigh – 163

The neediest cities in the country, which you can see in the gallery below, are all over the map. Meanwhile, on the other end of the rankings, Columbia, Maryland, and Pearl City, Hawaii was the least needy in the country.

Source: WalletHub

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