Walk south along the west facing prison fence

A lot of times people think of inmates as someone who will forever be a criminal.  No one, including myself, thinks that an inmate would do something that could help the community from behind bars.  If you speak to some inmates they’d beg to differ about what they do behind bars. Inmates across the state of South Carolina are trying to make a difference on the outside from the inside. This holiday season is no different.

There were more than 3,000 gifts that were made and delivered by corrections workers to long-term care facilities all across the state of South Carolina. Every single gift was handmade by an inmate at a correctional facility in South Carolina. How about that?

The prisoners made handmade cards, hats, scarves, blankets booties, stuffed animals, wooden ornaments, homemade Christmas stockings, and other items said Bryan Stirling, the South Carolina Department of Corrections Director. The collaboration between state corrections officials and the department of aging started during the pandemic when a lot of people couldn’t see their families.