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Carowinds Reopens Fury 325 After Suffering Cracks In The Frame

Carowinds has dealt with quite a few issues recently dealing with their super fast roller coaster, The Fury 325. Carowinds issued a statement that it has now reopened.

When I first saw the video of the crack in the Fury 325, I almost lost my marbles. The first reason was because the ride was still in operation. The second was because it was dangerous. Of course, at the time the video was taken, I don’t believe the amusement park knew of the crack. However, that still didn’t was the danger of the crack. Take a look at the video.

This crack was in a support beam. Carowinds worked tirelessly to fix the crack to get the coaster back into operation. This initial crack was found in late June. In early July, the new support beam was delivered only to have another setback. Another crack was found which pushed back the opening again. Now that it has been cleared, the Fury 325 is now back open. Carowinds issued the below statement today.

Are you still riding?

North Carolina Proud: A-List Carowinds Attraction One Of Top 5 Coasters In The Country

Rollercoasters. You either love or hate them. Put me in the love category. Though I have to say I’m not one that has to be on the tallest, fastest, or other record-breaking rides. I’ll go on them sure, but some of my favorites are sufficiently average. And that’s ok! But if coaster thrills are your favorite then you’re certainly glad Cedar Fair took over at Carowinds. Since purchasing the park in 2006 they have invested heavily in it adding many attractions. This includes several new roller coasters- Intimidator, Fury 325, and Copperhead Strike. This makes perfect sense as Cedar Fair’s original park Cedar Point in Ohio is known for having some of the best coasters in the world. And now, so is Carowinds. A list by BlooLoop has the author, a self-described aficionado, ranking his 10 favorite roller coasters. And one of Carowinds premiere attractions was in the top 5 coasters in the country.

Having a ride of this notoriety takes Carowinds from a destination for local North and South Carolina residents and puts it on the map for thrill lovers from around the world. This list includes coasters from across the country, of course, Cedar Point is home to two of the rides. I’d actually say what the author ranks as number 10 is one of, if not my favorite, rides I’ve ever been on. Keep reading to see where the Carowinds ride ranked in the top coasters in the country. And check out a POV video of each one as well. Would you ride them? I’ll ride anything at least once so I’d love to check out the ones I haven’t had a chance to try!

  • 10. Hagrid's Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure

    Park: Universal’s Islands of Adventure

    Location: Orlando, FL

  • 9. Twisted Timbers

    Park: King’s Dominion

    Location: Doswell, VA


  • 8. Lightning Rod

    Park: Dollywood

    Location: Pigeon Forge, TN

  • 7. El Toro

    Park: Six Flags Great Adventure

    Location: Jackson, NJ

  • 6. Maverick

    Park: Cedar Point

    Location: Sandusky, OH

  • 5. Fury 325

    Park: Carowinds

    Location: Charlotte, NC

    It’s Fury! The coaster towers over everything else in the park and can be seen from miles away. I’d assume you can also see for miles at the top but my eyes are typically shut at that point!

  • 4. Velocicoaster

    Park: Univeral’s Islands of Adventure

    Location: Orlando, FL

  • 3. The Voyage

    Park: Holiday World

    Location: Santa Claus, IN

  • 2. Steel Vengeance

    Park: Cedar Point

    Location: Sandusky, OH

  • 1. Iron Gwazi

    Park: Busch Gardens Tampa

    Location: Tampa, FL

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