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Study alleged vapes reduce sex drive in men

I am sure men are reading this saying “What in the world?” A study out of Turkey is showing that sex drive, among other things, is decreased amongst men living the vaping life.

So there is a Spanish medical journal called Revista. In this journal, the study discussed a few side effects for men who vape that I am sure they won’t like. The study showed that men who vape, have lower sex drives, low sperm count, and testicle shrinkage.

Now, the test subjects for the study were mice. It’s not anything new that rats are used as test subjects very often. Vaping definitely isn’t good in my book, but if I were a man, these risks would be way too high. The study also showed this could cause damage to the male reproductive system as well.  I checked the study and it seemed to be done correctly. The mice were in three different groups. One was exposed to cigarette smoke. Another group wasn’t exposed to anything while the third group was exposed to e-cigarette vapors. Honey, the sperm count of the vapor mice dropped by the millions. Men, y’all better leave that vape life alone. If the mice could talk, they would tell you to chill.

Honestly, guys, we all know vaping is bad. We also want to make sure everyone knows, this is something we don’t condone here at Beasley Media Group. There have to be more side effects than these. If these are the side effects of men, I am scared of the side effects for women. I tell all the young people in my family that I have seen vaping, to leave it alone. Between social media and music, things like this have become a sense of normalcy and it’s frustrating for most. I’ve seen and heard stories of people so young passing away from vaping. Parents, be sure to talk to your children.




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