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Photos: 5 Year Old Dressed As Chucky Terrifies Neighbors

This is one of the most crazy and hilarious things I've ever seen. I came across this photo yesterday and could not stop laughing and the entire situation. The photo, seen below, was shared by the Today Show on Instagram and depicts a 5-year old child who was dressed (extremely convincingly) as the infamous horror film Chucky doll. It seems as the photo was taken last year, presumably around Halloween. This happened in an Alabama neighborhood. And since it was a 5-year old child (who clearly had to have been encouraged by an adult to do this) Chucky was "life-sized". I can see why this would be terrifying and maybe even traumatizing, especially if you have seen the movie and are particularly spooked by it. From the outside looking in, I just see the whole situation as hilarious. But if I stumbled upon the 5-year-old dressed as Chucky in my neighborhood, my thoughts might be different. It seems as though some people believed he was real. Personally, I just want to talk to these parents because I bet they are people I'd like to hang out with! The comments are divided by in my opinion this is a parenting win. As long as they didn't let the kid watch the movie. As someone who was traumatized by a movie I saw way too young (The Birds), wait until the kid is older. Then show him the photos. [select-listicle listicle_id="442961" syndication_name="great-horror-movies" description="yes"]

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