Listen I love curly fries. I mean I LOVE them. That seasoned curly goodness is to die for. I also love vodka, it’s my liquor of choice on most occasions. But just because I love them both doesn’t necessarily mean I want to try them together. But if that is your dream collaboration you’re in luck. Fast-food chain Arby’s, known for their delicious curly fries, is launching a french fry vodka line. They’ve teamed up with Tattersall Distilling Company for a crinkle fry and curly fry vodka line. Is your mouth watering yet? Or maybe it’s your eyes. I mean I guess vodka does come from potatoes?

The line launches on November 18th and according to, there will be very limited quantities for sale. In NC the only way to try the crinkle fry or curly fry vodka will be ordering it online. The price tag? $59.99. For that price I think I’ll stick with the Tito’s and a side of fries.

As you can imagine, social media let its thoughts be known on this new unique liquor option. Some loved it, some had good mixer ideas, and others just asked why. Enjoy the best reactions to Arby’s new vodka line :

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